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Cradlecraft  is  a   specialist  Engineering   company   with
a wealth of   experience    in    the    provision    of    both
permanent   and   temporary    building    access    equipment.
We  design  &   manufacture  in  the   UK,  following  Projects,
both  large and  small,  from  the  early stages of their design
through   to   final   installation,  testing   and  commissioning.
Cradlecraft  use  their   design  and   fabrication  expertise  to
provide  fixed  &   mobile  access   equipment,  specialising  in
BMU Roof   mounted   Powered   Trolley   &   Cradle   systems.
We  also  have  the  benefit  of  expertise  in  design, supply 
& installation  of:-  safety   harness   lines,   eyebolts, fixed
mobile  access  gantries,  ladders,  platforms & handrails.
Cradlecraft    can   design    manufacture    &    install    access
equipment, whether for:-  a new building project;  as part of a
refurbishment; to replace old/existing  equipment; or if you
wish to introduce  access  equipment  to an existing  building.
Following installation of new equipment you have the benefit
 of  the  full  maintenance  support 
Cradlecraft  can   provide. 
Whether  you   have   new   or   existing   equipment   installed
by  Cradlecraft   or   equipment   supplied   by   a   different
company we can provide you with  full  maintenance  support.
Options  are  available,  with   Cradlecraft   providing  labour
only,   semi   or   fully   comprehensive   maintenance   &
service   packages.   This   includes   providing   assistance
to   insurance   inspections   
&   carrying   out   annual
certificated   Load   Tests   on   all   types   of   equipment.
Contact Cradlecraft if you require training for your access
equipment operatives  or  building  maintenance  personal.
Cradlecraft  can  be  approached  when   general  engineering
or  a   fabrication  subcontractor  is  required  or  you  require
any engineering  works  carried  out  on  site.  Due to the vast
engineering  experience  we  can  offer  our clients we can be
relied upon to successfully complete any engineering project.

Latest News


Cradlecraft have recently, successfully completed New BMU - fully powered Roof Trolley/Cradle installations in London & Birmingham.


Tricorn House, Birmingham -involved design, manufacture & Installation of BMU Power 'Skorpion' Roof Trolley/Cradle, Twin Track & cantilevered walkway c/w balustrade to rear - all in conjunction with Insight Enterprises Ltd.


Gracechurch Street, London - involved design, manufacture & installation of BMU Power 'Skorpion' Roof Trolley/Cradle & Twin Track all in conjunction with Kobi Cradles Ltd.


Other recent projects successfully completed by Cradlecraft include:- 

Design, manufacture & installation of a replacement BMU Power Roof Trolley/Cradle, with track modiifications, including addition of a 3-way points system on an existing building at High Holborn, London


Design, manufacture & installation of two BMU Power Roof Trolleys/Cradles & Twin Track Systems on a new build at Commercial Road, London.


Please refer to our 'Projects' page - to see some photographs of the installations identified above,

& to also see photographs of other BMU installations successfully completed by Cradlecraft - in our 'Gallery' page.


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